About The Hand Painted Bindery


My name is Cloé and I am a Fine Art graduate from Newcastle University, who loves all things paper and paint. I run The Hand Painted Bindery from my spare room turned bookbindery/art studio in Gateshead, North East England. I make colourful, unique books with decorative sewn bindings and colourful hand-marbled and hand-painted papers. I also offer bookbinding kits and workshops, so you can learn this wonderful craft and make your own books. 

I started making books in 2011, to use as sketchbooks for school and I ended up falling in love with the craft. I started making so many books I couldn’t hope to fill them all myself. I’ve since learnt many different bookbinding techniques from classic Rounding and Backing to Japanese Stab-binding. I believe that art and creativity make the world a better place. I want to encourage and inspire others to keep their creativity alive by providing colourful, unique books where you can write, draw, paint, collage and anything else your creative heart desires!

My Process

With paper, paint, board, thread and glue, I make my colourful, unique books. I start my bookbinding process by throwing some paint around! I use a variety of techniques and tools to create beautiful patterns and textures for the covers of my books. Once the covers are made, I fold, punch and sew the books together. I am most drawn to binding styles where the stitching is left exposed and I like to combine different stitching techniques to make beautiful, quirky patterns across the spine of each book.

Photograph by Holly Wheeler

Gateshead, UK